Kid Auto Races At Venice

Made by Keystone Studios and directed by Henry Lehrman, in it Chaplin plays a spectator at a ‘baby-cart race’ in California. The spectator keeps getting in the way of the camera and interferes with the race, causing great frustration to the public and participants. The film was shot at an actual race with Chaplin and his co-stars improvising gags in front of real-life spectators.

Sources: Wikipedia and IMDB

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Mabel Normand

Mabel Normand was a big figure on Keystone Studios when Chaplin arrived, she was Sennett’s darling and several short movies were made already with her as the star, from the title of the first movie with Chaplin, Mabel’s Strange Predicament, we can see that Charlie wasn’t the main figure. She had a short and tumultuous life, a true movie star of that time, but was a big figure nonetheless, having her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mabel Normand

Source: Wikipedia

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Mabel’s Strange Predicament

Although this was the second film released featuring The Tramp, it was the first one shooted with the character, that’s why we choose to post it first.

Here’s the information on Wikipedia and IMDb. Enjoy.

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And the Little Tramp is Born

In an interview in 1933, Chaplin explained how he came up with the look of the Tramp: “A hotel set was built for (fellow Keystone comic) Mabel Normand‘s picture Mabel’s Strange Predicament and I was hurriedly told to put on a funny make-up. This time I went to the wardrobe and got a pair of baggy pants, a tight coat, a small derby hat and a large pair of shoes. I wanted the clothes to be a mass of contradictions, knowing pictorially the figure would be vividly outlined on the screen. To add a comic touch, I wore a small mustache which would not hide my expression. My appearance got an enthusiastic response from everyone, including Mr. Sennett. The clothes seemed to imbue me with the spirit of the character. He actually became a man with a soul – a point of view. I defined to Mr. Sennett the type of person he was. He wears an air of romantic hunger, forever seeking romance, but his feet won’t let him.”


Source: Wikipedia

Bonus Track: How to dress like The Tramp

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Henry Lehrman

Henry Lehrman was not only the reporter on the short film Making a Living it was also the director, making him the first one to direct Charles Chaplin on a movie. He was an actor, director, producer and a screenwriter. His debut as an actor was as an extra in a mob alongside with another big figure in Chaplin’s life, Mack Sennett, with whom he worked when founding Keystone. Indeed a little world was Hollywood in that time.

Chaplin and Lehrman back in 1914

Source: Wikipedia

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Making a Living

This is the first movie Chaplin appeared on back in 1914, still The Tramp wasn’t born, we need to wait til the next movie, but we can see a lot of the movements already there. This is the technical information form IMDB and here is the movie:

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From Theater to Movies

Chaplin’s act as a drunk man with Karno during his shows in US get him a contract with the Keystone Studios. It was Mack Sennett who saw him performing as Archibald and thought that little man was the best Drunk Character he remembered.

macksennett1910Michael Sinnott, real name of Mack Sennett

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April 16 1889 was Tuesday

April 16 1889 was the day Charles Spencer Chaplin was born, and as many of us do with our birthdays, I searched for a newspaper front page from that date and found the one on the London Gazette (Chaplin was born in London btw).

londongazThis is the front page, you can read it here, but if you want to read the entire issue, well you can just by clicking here. Enjoy.

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Early Chaplin

I just found that a book recollects pictures and stories from Charles Chaplin’s stage times. The name of the Book is Stage by Stage and I’m sure it will be a great reading. Here’s a picture from its website that show us Chaplin on his famous character Archibald.

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Going to America

The Karno Troupe going to America on board of the Cairnrona.

Charlie Chaplin is framed in the life belt. Albert Austin is top left and Stan Laurel is front row left.

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